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To win our Innovation of the Year award, the Lytro had to captivate us enough for us to pass over significant medical diagnostic breakthroughs and a complete reinvention of the internal combustion.

Light-Field Photography Revolutionizes Imaging - IEEE Spectrum

The Lytro Light Field Camera is a rather unique digital camera with an impressive feature, that of being able to re-focus the images after you have taken them.There is a microlens array between the lens and the sensor which creates a bunch of small images in addition to the main, traditional image.

Lytro Light Field Camera lets you focus after taking your

Lytro light field camera: first impressions -

Feel free to post questions, projects, feature ideas, bugs and cool light field-related news.

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Hands-On: Lytro Light-Field Camera Offers Flip Simplicity

Lytro Light Field Digital Cam w/ Sleeve & Charger -

The camera records the entire light field - all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene - instead of a flat 2D image.CEO and Founder Ren Ng introduces the Lytro Earlier this year, camera start-up Lytro provided an enticing sneak peek of what their first product could do.After generating quite a bit of excitement last June, Lytro finally announced the upcoming release of their light-field camera, due sometime in early 2012.

Lytro Cinema is a 755 megapixel volumetric 3D camera that captures the entire high-resolution Light Field during filmmaking.

Lytro Light Field Camera: This Is What New Feels Like

Lytro recently made its namesake light field camera available for preordering.

Lytro Light Field Camera | Core77 2012 Design Awards

There was a lot of excitement when the New York Times wrote about a small company promising to make focus errors a thing of the past.We started with the goal to explore the potential of light field technology and make it feasible for individual applications.

'Light Field' Camera Maker Lytro Is Shutting Down

Features include decoding, calibration, rectification, colour correction, basic filtering and visualization of light field images.

LYTRO ILLUM: a light field camera with the - Qualcomm

If you missed the details the first time around, light-field technology allows the user to take a photo and then focus (and re-focus) the image.

Lytro Raises $60 Million & Announces Immerge Light Field

Lytro Power Tools are a set of Python camera, image control and web tools and.This comes just one week after it was reported that Google would be.

Lytro’s 755 Megapixel Light Field Camera Aims to Change

Lytro Light Field Camera: Digital Photography Review There was a lot of excitement when the New York Times wrote about a small company promising to make focus errors a thing of the past.Lytro began shipping its first generation pocket-sized camera, capable of refocusing images after being taken, in 8 GB and 16 GB versions on February 29, 2012.

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